About us

From the Head of School

Perlička consists of successive environments for the development of children from 3 years of age to young people of 15 on the cusp of adulthood.

It is absolutely fascinating to observe and accompany a human being through this twelve-year transformation. To guide pre-school children on their path from first steps towards independence, to support them in their desire to do everything by themselves. To offer as many seeds of knowledge as possible to the hungry minds and imagination of elementary children, for whom even the universe is too small; seeds that would grow and strengthen over the years. To accompany adolescents shoulder to shoulder into the adult world in such a way that their potentials and unique abilities can be of benefit not only to themselves but also to the society which they are a part of. And to look back, with emotion and gratitude, to the day we first welcomed this now almost adult being…

Each plane of development is taken care of by a part of our great team which is united in an undying passion for the Montessori way. In fact, we consider Montessori not just a pedagogical method, but a natural way to harmony, unity, cooperation and respect for oneself and for the world.

At all planes of education at Perlička, children are guided by adults with AMI training, which ensures not only the highest possible quality of Montessori education, but also the much needed continuity.

The same principles that we apply with children also help us as adults to grow, to continually develop and to learn not only from each other but also from the children.

During the years I have spent in Perlička I have learned to show the necessary strength, firmness and determination, and on the other hand to listen to my intuition, to let things flow and not to put unnecessary obstacles in my way. The combination of the two has advanced not only me personally, but especially Perlička on her “safe voyage”.

MUDr. Darina Gurutidu

Head of the project Perlička Montessori Primary and Elementary Schools