The passage of time in Perlička…

Perlička welcomed the first seven children in its primary school in September 2006. At the end of the academic year in June 2007, there were already two primary classrooms, one English and one Czech.

Until 2009, the primary school had three classrooms. Children were growing into the preschool age and the parents started to ask whether we planned to also open an elementary school. The truth be told, we had not considered an elementary school in our original plan. However, the positive pressure from parents grew stronger and stronger, and so in September 2012, six children started our first elementary class.

The turning point in our Montessori journey was the decision to embark on the path of AMI international trainings and since 2017, our elementary and primary guides have continued to benefit from these demanding trainings. Perlička currently has two primary, two lower elementary and one upper elementary classrooms and an authentic adolescent Montessori program (launched in September 2018) in rural settings. On each plane of education in Perlička, children are guided by adults with AMI training, which ensures not only the highest possible quality of Montessori education, but also the much needed continuity.