We are building a community

At Perlička we see that the whole family is part of the process of children’s growth and development. That is why we create various opportunities to involve children’s families in our “perlička” life, to enjoy time together and to contribute collectively to something positive.

We see the parents at various meetings – at creative craft workshops, at meetings before the Christmas break, where we enjoy together a program prepared by the children, or at a traditional garden party at the end of the academic year.

We have been organizing a charity event in the fall to support UNICEF since 2007 – a fair that brings together children and parents and is very successful every year.

We also host a family school ball.

Parents very willingly support various voluntary works to improve the school garden or the country environment for adolescents.

All the events have a very pleasant spirit of belonging and mutual support, a spirit of fostering friendships that are long-lasting or new. We welcome every family and look forward to what we can do to support and enrich each other.